Wee Discover: Growing Strong, Learning Well

Early education research has proven again and again how critical the early years are to a child’s healthy development. At Wee Discover, we believe we all reap what we sow…and therefore we take great care to sow kindness, security, socialization, and imagination in everything we do, for everyone in our path. By partnering with our local families, Wee Discover helps create an early world full of wonder and growth, comfort and adventure…planting seeds for school-time (and lifetime!) success.


Focusing on the unique attributes and gifting of every child, Wee Discover provides individualized, tender care in a creative, safe environment. We believe children are very capable of making choices that support their betterment, and therefore balance our learning techniques with both child-driven and teacher-led activities. In the end, one goal remains: To nourish a love of learning, a care for others, and a hope for the future.


Wee Discover believes the outcome of our work is measured according to the effort and care we put in. We’re especially proud of our experienced, professional team who helps our children grow strong. From degreed experts in Early Childhood Education, and specialists for children with learning disabilities, our team works together to provide a caring start and a lasting love of learning.



Most lead teachers and administrators are certified
in CPR and First Aid. Our building entrance is monitored electronically. Further, initial employment and continuing education requirements include sleep safety guidelines; health, safety, and nutrition; bloodborne pathogen training and; shaken baby/head injury/Adverse Childhood Experiences
(ACEs)/trauma training, among others.


All caregivers must complete 16 clock hours of professional development every calendar year in topics relevant to their positions (child development and learning; family/community collaboration; program management; observation, documentation, and assessment; interactions and guidance; and more). All Wee Discover Lead Teachers meet or exceed state requirements.


We wouldn’t want our kids to be anywhere else! You’re the best!
-The Robaks

Thank you so much for being such a fabulous part of my boys’ lives these past few years. You’ve made it possible for me to go to work with a peace of mind.
- The Chiuppis

My husband and I love the security at Wee Discover! We feel like our kids are always safe
and in a happy environment when we leave them. I would highly recommend Wee Discover to anyone looking for a preschool.
- The Noreks