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Welcome to the Parent Resource Center

As trusted partners in your child’s care, Wee Discover knows how critical clear communication and transparency can be. Please refer to the following educational resources and necessary forms to keep on top of your child’s care and wellness with Wee Discover.


You want the best care environment for your child, so utilize this helpful checklist to compare your top daycare choices.

Prior to allowing Wee Discover to care for your child, we require the following forms (for medical issues, immunizations, and medication permissions) to be completed to best ensure your child’s health and well-being.


Readying to get away? Utilize this form for vacation requests as outlined in the Parent Handbook.


Your children’s and family’s safety is paramount to Wee Discover. To maintain everyone’s health during the pandemic, we’ve established a COVID-19 staff mask policy and a wellness policy to better protect our families. And to families of essential workers: We’re here for you and doing our part to ensure you can continue working, knowing your child will be well taken care of and safe.

Get further specifics about Oakland Schools’ COVID-19 policies:


If your family qualifies for GSRP, this information details the Ages & Stages developmental screening protocol.


We understand that nutrition plays a vital part of early childhood development and success. Therefore, we are committed to serving healthy snacks and meals, while providing a positive mealtime environment for your child. Learn more about our program and check out our helpful resources.


View our Healthy Eating Resources »