November 15, 2023

Family Newsletter—November 2023

November at our center is GRATITUDE MONTH. We have celebrated Gratitude Month every November for the past three years and we hope the children, our staff, and our families feel the . Look for our Gratitude art projects and activities throughout the center this month!

Last month our staff participated in one of our four annual In-Service days. This time is so important to provide our educators with key training as well as any updates to licensing guidelines and requirements. The focus of this
past In-Service was “Understanding Behavior.” To help build on their knowledge and ECE training, staff viewed a presentation and then participated in a role-playing activity where they talked about how to handle different classroom scenarios. There are so many factors to consider when working with children – developmental milestones, cultural
backgrounds, maybe something as simple as a poor night’s sleep – and this training was an important way to reinforce being objective and thoughtful with children.

Finally, help us meet our fundraising goal! Our Charleston Wrap fundraiser runs through November 17th. Drop by the front office if you have questions about the program.

We wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!